Resources for Property Tax Assistance


Get help with your property taxes:

The Homeowner’s Property Tax Assistance Program (HPTAP – The Exemption) help you not have to pay this year’s property taxes.  It must be applied for annually, and it does not automatically renew.

The Step Forward Michigan Program can forgive tax debt that accrued while you owned the home:

View your currently delinquent taxes HERE.

View your current non-delinquent tax bill HERE.

You can apply for an Distressed Owner-Occupant Extension (DOOE)

Here is the City of Detroit Property Tax Calendar:

  • 1st Partial Summer Payment due August 15
    (Detroit and Wayne County Operating)
  • 2nd Partial Summer Payment due January 15
    (Detroit and Wayne County Operating)
  • Full Summer Payment due August 31
    (Detroit and Wayne County Operating)
  • Winter Payment due January 15
    (Balance of Wayne County Taxes)

Visit the City of Detroit Treasury Division HERE.

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The following organizations provide free legal aid with regards to taxes:

  • United Community Housing Coalition

220 Bagley, Suite 224, Detroit

(313)963-3310 (Detroit Residents Only)

Email: Contact Ted at

  • Legal Aid and Defender Association:

613 Abbott St. #1

Detroit, MI 48226


  • Michigan Legal Services:

(313) 964-4130

Email: Contact Marilyn at

  • William Booth Legal Aid Clinic-Harbor Light Center

3737 Lawton

Detroit, MI 48208


(Mainly for mortgage foreclosure.)

651 E. Jefferson Ave. ~ Det. 48226 ~ 313-596-9846

Contact: Joon Sung

If you do not qualify for free legal help, you may contact the Detroit Bar Association, Lawyer Referral Service at
(313) 961-3545.

Possible Financial Help:

Michigan Department of Human Services through the State Emergency Relief (SER) program

(313) 456-1000
To locate the nearest office Wayne County Veterans Affairs:
(313) 224-8162

Loveland is a nice way to see where your property may stand.