For Landlords

In order to have a property built before 1978 registered with the City of Detroit as a rental, you must obtain a Lead Inspection/Risk Assessment to determine the lead hazards present in the home, and then obtain a Lead Clearance to certify that there are no longer any lead hazards present in your home. If lead hazards are detected, a rental property owner must perform either Interim Controls or a full Lead Abatement.

You must submit this Remediation and Clearance Summary Form in order to receive your Certificate of Compliance for a registered rental property. 

To bring your property into compliance to protect children:

Lead Abatement Vs. Lead Safe Renovation – What you need to know about intent

If a property receives Interim Controls (such as painting, cleaning, and repairs), a property owner must receive a new Lead Clearance annually.  If the property is abated, a property owner must receive a Lead Clearance every three years.  Properties that receive a full abatement no longer need to obtain Lead Clearances.  Only certified Renovators can legally perform Interim Controls on rental properties.  Only certified Abatement Workers can perform Lead Abatements.

In order for tenants to occupy a property, a property must obtain a Certificate of Rental Registration.  In order to receive a Certificate of Rental Registration, a property must obtain a Certificate of Compliance.  In order to obtain a Certificate of Compliance, a property must obtain a Lead Inspection/Risk Assessment and a Lead Clearance.  Failure to comply results in fines which increase based on the size of the unit and the number of past offenses.

Property owners are subject to lead laws at the City, State, and Federal level. It is illegal to rent a property in Detroit with known lead hazards.  State law forbids an owner to rent a property to a family with a child who has an Elevated Blood Lead Level when the property owner is aware of lead hazards in the home. Federal law requires property owners to disclose all known lead hazards in their homes to their tenants, with fines of up to $11,000 per violation.

The effects of lead poisoning are irreversible and last a lifetime.  For more information, please visit our Lead and the Law page.

I’ve Been Cited.  What Now?

Your tenant gets their child’s annual lead test, and doctor determines the child to be lead poisoned.  The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office is informed that a lead poisoned child lives at your property.  You now have 180 days to abate the home of all lead hazards.  Some grants are available to supplement or cover the cost of abatement.  Call our office at 313-924-4000 to inquire about your options.  Failure to comply results in fines and possibly incarceration.