What does a lead hazard look like?

Lead based paint was often used until 1978 on windows, porches, doors, baseboards, and painted siding.  When chipping and peeling, lead based paint creates poisonous dust that damages children’s brains when it is taken in through hand to mouth contact. Please note that the these images are not of tested surfaces, but they are deteriorating in places and ways common for lead based paint. The only way to truly know if a surface is a lead hazard is to have a Lead Inspection/Risk Assessment by a certified Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor.  Even old windows that look to be in good condition can create poisonous dust when open and shut.

Lead Hazard Exterior 2Lead Hazard WindowLead hazard porch 3Lead Hazard Exterior BetterLead Hazard Door ComponentLead Hazard Window ComponentLead Hazard Exterior SoffitLead Hazard Window 1Lead Hazard Window BadLead Hazard Exterior PaintPaintChipsWindowLead Hazard Exterior1Peeling paintLead Hazard Porch 1Lead hazard porch 2Lead hazard porch 4Lead hazard window 2 Lead Hazard_Tall window

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