Demolition Safety

A lot of demolitions are going on in Detroit.  If you live within two blocks from a demo, lead dust from the demolition can spread all of the way to your house, and can hurt your kids and your unborn baby. Lead dust from a demo can spread for more than a football field!

Here are some lead poisoning prevention safety tips to help keep your children and pregnant women safe when demolitions are happening in your neighborhood.

If you live within two blocks of a demolition:IMG_1629

  1. Stay inside during demolition.
  2. Make sure that your windows and doors are closed.
  3. Children should not be outside during demolition.

4.Children should not play in areas of bare dirt at any time.

5.Cover garden plots with plastic sheeting & throw away.

  1. Wet clean your house following demolition:
  • Clean out window troughs. Spray cleaner and wipe out with paper towels you throw away.
  • Clean window sills the same way.
  • Mop floors, especially near windows and where your child plays.
  • Use two buckets — one for dirty rinse water and one for clean soapy water.
  • Change water frequently.
  • After you mop your house, mop your porches. Do not  use water you use on your porch inside your home.
  • Clean your mop head very well with new soap and water.
  1. Get children under age six tested for lead once a year

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