CLEARCorps Receives Grant from The Jewish Fund

Jewish Fund image

CLEARCorps/Detroit is pleased to announce Healthy Homes + Asthma, a new program generously funded through The Jewish Fund. Beginning February 1, 2014, CLEARCorps/Detroit will be partnering with Wayne Children’s Healthcare Access Program (WCHAP) to provide intensive asthma education, asthma trigger-reducing products, and referrals to beneficial programs to Detroit families whose children have asthma. Healthy Homes + Asthma will complete 40 homes as part of the grant, and is available citywide.  To qualify, you must live in the City of Detroit, be considered low or moderate income, and you must have a child (age 17 or younger) living in your home with diagnosed asthma.

WCHAPWith some estimates placing Detroit’s asthma rate at around 20%, CLEARCorps is excited about this new initiative to reduce the effects asthma has on Detroit’s children.  We are grateful to The Jewish Fund for their generous support, and for our partnership with WCHAP.

To apply for the program or to find out more information, please call our office at 313-924-4000.


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